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Introducing TuffBoxx

Have you ever woken up to find garbage littered across your lawn? Are you looking for an easy place to put your outdoor furniture cushions in bad weather? Are you sick of pool toys just floating around because you have no place to store them? Then TuffBoxx is for you.

At Paris Site Furnishings, we recently acquired the TuffBoxx brand to add to our line of animal proof storage solutions…giving you even more options to outsmart and outmuscle the local wildlife.

TuffBoxx comes in a range of colours and sizes for both commercial and residential applications. All galvanized steel construction makes them extremely strong and rust resistant, while gas shocks on the top lids make TuffBoxx bins safe and easy to use for all ages. Lockable lids and doors keep animals out and provide secure outdoor storage in every season. TuffBoxx features bins ideal for a range of commercial and residential applications.

Introducing…the TuffBoxx lineup:


Available in four different sizes, the Bruin, Grizzly, Kodiak and Kit offer versatile storage for any home. Perfect for stowing firewood, outdoor furniture accessories, sports equipment (and the list goes on), TuffBoxx has the right animal proof bin for your home or cottage. Our Grizzly model has been certified as “Grizzly Bear Resistant” when used with the Bear Guard Brackets and Snap Hook accessories. While not yet certified, the Bruin and Kodiak models are built with the same design to be just as strong.


No dock is complete without a DockBoxx. It’s ideal for quick access to gear during the summer or for long-term storage when cottage season comes to an end. Store boat oars and paddles, lifejackets, fishing gear and water toys, for fast and convenient access right on your dock.


The Broot is the largest TuffBoxx model, with double lids and doors for easy access. Think of it like a two-cubit yard dumpster for small apartments, camp grounds, community centers and anywhere else where communal garbage is found. Like its name suggests, the Broot is strong and can keep out even the largest wildlife. It has been designed to keep out black, grizzly, and polar bears, so you can rest assured it will keep out racoons, squirrels and other local pests.


Designed to be used with two inner waste containers, the Camper features two mailbox style chutes that are designed to be accessibility compliant. These two chutes allow for either two streams of garbage or one chute can be used for recycling, organics, or even pet waste.


The Picnic is essentially a single chute version of the Camper. Its 6” by 10” opening limits waste disposal to “small trash”, preventing people from bringing their home waste to a park environment. Strong enough to keep animals out, the Picnic is also designed to be accessibility compliant.

Contact Paris Site Furnishings today to find the TuffBoxx model that is right for you. Looking for extra protection? Ask about our Bear Guard brackets to make your TuffBoxx certified as Grizzly Bear Resistant!

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