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Animal Proof Receptacles

There’s nothing worse than finding a beautifully landscaped green space littered with scraps after animals have feasted on a late-night garbage buffet. Pesky critters can be a major problem in keeping our parks, properties and green spaces clean. From raccoons, coyotes, dogs, and other smaller critters to larger predators like bears, animals can pose a major problem and create quite the mess. At Paris Site Furnishings…we have the solution!

Our Animal Proof Litter Receptacles are made from rust resistant pre-galvanized steel sheet metal with stainless steel hinges and handles. Strong enough to keep out critters and bears alike, they are easy to use and are built to last. Complete with animal resistant latches on both lids and doors, the convenient rear door is also lockable, providing easy access while keeping garbage secure. The included concrete mounting pad adds extra security, while a removable plastic liner and angled bottom tray allows for easy emptying and cleaning.

At Paris Site Furnishings, we have taken animal proofing to the next level with our new TuffBoxx line of products. Your go-to choice for animal resistant secure storage solutions, the TuffBoxx has been rigorously tested and stands up to even grizzly and polar bears. More than just litter receptacles, the TuffBoxx comes in many sizes and colours for a range of uses. For everything from keeping firewood, pool chemicals and sports equipment secure, to protecting dock equipment, fishing gear and first aid kits, Paris Site Furnishings’ TuffBoxx is the ideal outdoor storage solution.

For more information about our line of TuffBoxx products and other Animal Proof Litter Receptacles, contact Paris Site Furnishings today, or click the following links for more information.

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