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Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness offers a Limited 3-Year Warranty against structural failure, and a Limited 1-Year Warranty against cosmetic finishes.

Structural failures on the following product families are covered under this Warranty:

  • steel bench frames

  • steel bench assemblies

  • table frames

  • litter receptacle frames

  • bike racks

  • cast aluminum bench supports

  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment

All warranty claims must be accompanied by digital photos that clearly show the failure and a copy of the original invoice. Upon determination by a Paris representative that a warranty claim is valid, Paris will repair or replace the warranted product at Paris’s sole discretion. The costs associated with the disassembly, removal and reinstallation of the site amenities is to be the responsibility of the customer.

The above-mentioned warranties do not include any cosmetic defects/damage such as or due to:

  1. Wood checking, splitting, warping, twisting, shrinking, or swelling due to the natural behaviour of the wood or recycled plastic, or;

  2. Scratches, dents, marring, stripping, peeling, fading of colours and discolouration of wood due to weathering, and;

  3. Exposure to extreme weather, ie: immersion in salt or chlorine water, damage due to sand, salt spray, or other abrasive and corrosive material. Damage due to “Acts of God”.

These warranty claims are valid only if the products are installed in conformity with the approved layout plan and/or installation instructions furnished by Paris; have not been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident; have not been subjected to the addition or substitution of parts; and have not been modified, altered or repaired by persons other than Paris or a Paris employees designate.

For more information on standard Paris Warranties, Special Paris Extended Warranties or Warranty claim procedures, call (519) 458-4882 or write to Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness. P.O. Box 490, 259 Third Concession Road, Princeton, Ontario, Canada, N0J 1V0.

Loss or Damage in Transit 

A signed bill of lading is our receipt from a carrier that our shipment to you was complete and in good condition. Before you sign, please check this bill of lading carefully when the shipment reaches you to make sure there are no damages or shortages. Any shortages or damage should be noted on the freight bill before signing. Once the shipment leaves our plant, we are no longer responsible for any damage, loss, or shortage.

Warranty Summary 

Structural failure of all steel bench frames, steel bench assemblies, table frames, litter receptacle frames, bike racks, all cast aluminum bench supports and Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Structural failure of Cedar, Pau Lope or Recycled Plastic

Cosmetic Finishes

Limited 3-year Warranty

Limited 3-year Warranty

Limited 1-year Warranty

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