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Site Furnishings Increase the Value of Your Space

Creating stunning, functional outdoor spaces is what we are all about at Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness! It is our core belief that how recreational spaces such as town squares, community gathering places, and other shared outdoor spaces are furnished, plays an important role in fostering stability and satisfaction for our communities.

Benches provide a comfortable seat for the older generation to sit back and enjoy the fresh air, picnic tables offer space for friends to gather and share a meal, and litter receptacles and bike racks keep our green spaces green.


At Paris Site Furnishings, we manufacture a range of commercial benches with many options to choose from. More than just aesthetically pleasing, all of our benches are functional, durable and require little to no maintenance. Perfect as streetscape furniture or for your local schools, there is a style to match every space. From our modern INOX Series to our classic Premier line, we even have a Buddy Bench to foster inclusion on the school grounds.

Picnic Tables and Shade Furnishings

We offer several styles of tables in a multitude of colours, sizes, materials, and mounts to meet your needs. Choose from options such as our Traditional Picnic Table Series and colourful Vantage Series, or our extremely popular Sombra Shade Table – and create a welcome and inviting area to socialize!

Litter Receptacles, Bike Racks, Planters and MORE

Keep your community clean and green! Our fun Creature Cans teach children not to litter, while our TuffBoxx Animal Proof Receptacles outsmart the local wildlife. Planters are a perfect way to add beauty and style, and our range of bike racks encourage a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Create Lasting Impressions with Quality Products Built to Last! Enhance your community and make the most of your outdoor spaces with Paris Site Furnishings & Outdoor Fitness!

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