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Our Products Have Stories to Tell!

From picnic tables and litter receptacles, to bike racks, outdoor fitness equipment and benches – site furnishings are just a part of our day-to-day outdoor experiences. We don’t tend to give them much thought. They look nice, keep our green spaces looking tidy, and often provide a place to relax, but at Paris Site Furnishings…we know our products have stories to tell.

A Day in the Life – Picnic Table

Sure, our picnic tables provide a place to sit but have you ever thought about who is sitting on them? A young couple enjoys the shade and shares an intimate picnic lunch at the park...the first date of many to come. A group of kids takes a break from running and playing on the playground. They recharge with juice boxes and snacks, laughing about their fun adventure. An outdoor potluck family reunion brings together relatives from far and wide - people who are thrilled to spend time together for the first time in years.

A Day in the Life – Bench

Outdoor benches are all over our cities. From parks and green spaces to sidewalks and town squares - imagine the life they must see. A young family collapses in a heap of giggles on a bench beside an outdoor skating rink. Dad, apparently, is not quite the wonder skater he bragged about being! A retired couple, out for an evening stroll, sits down to gaze up at the bright moon. They chat for hours about the years they have spent together. A woman, exhausted from getting up at sunrise to work a double shift, meets a friend for a coffee on a bench just around the corner from her office. It’s the well-earned break she desperately needed.

A Day in the Life – Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Paris Outdoor Fitness Equipment gets to see people at their best, while they push themselves and work hard to get healthy. It’s the teenager who desperately wants to make her football team. She recruits a few good friends to meet and train on the outdoor fitness equipment each day after school. A moms group meets once a week, baby strollers in tow. They work out while talking through the challenges of parenthood. A man, lonely from going through life alone, hits the outdoor workout circuit every day because he can meet new people and experience the connection that is so important to him.

There is a single thread tying all these stories together…and it’s just that – togetherness. Paris Outdoor Site Furnishings provide thousands of different places for people to connect. They not only add style and function to our outdoor spaces, they create a sense of community, so that we can all create lasting impressions.

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