The Buddy Bench Fostering Friendship

When you ask kids what their favorite subject in school is, chances are many of them are going to say recess. It’s a time to play with friends, to forget about learning and to just have fun. But for some children, recess can be a lonely experience. Enter, the Buddy Bench.

The concept behind the Buddy Bench is simple. By sitting on the bench you signal to other kids on the playground that you are looking for a friend to play with. School aged children are incredibly visual. Many kids are completely unaware that their classmates are struggling with feeling isolated socially and many who struggle with these feelings aren’t sure how to reach out.

Sitting on the Buddy Bench gives children the opportunity to actively seek out friendship and inclusion. At the same time, inviting someone to play provides kids with the chance to show empathy and kindness to their classmates. It’s a learning tool all around.

The Buddy Bench is not just a place to sit, it’s a tangible demonstration of the power of empathy and kindness and an opportunity to practice important life skills. The goal of the Buddy Bench is for every child to feel included. It creates space for new friendships to form outside of the typical social circles.

The Buddy Bench is a simple solution to an incredibly profound issue that faces the younger generation of today. It is about changing attitudes and fostering an atmosphere where every child can thrive. Make your school yard a place where every child feels included with a Buddy Bench 

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