The Benefits of Steel in Site Furnishings

When it comes to outdoor site furnishings, quality, durability and longevity are the name of the game. At Paris Site Furnishings we rely on steel as one of the many materials we use to create top-quality products that look good and will stand the test of time.

Like all the raw materials we use, with steel you don’t need to worry about warping, cracking or splitting. Its incredible strength offers long life durability for everything from benches to litter receptacles. Outdoor site furnishings need to hold up under extreme conditions. Paris Site Furnishings’  have the strength and durability to last through weather and frequent use for years to come.

Steel requires very little to no maintenance to keep looking great years after installation. A simple wash with soap and water (or an impromptu rain cleaning) will have your site furnishings looking as good as new. Steel products have a long lifespan with very minimal maintenance, making them not only easy to maintain but extremely cost effective.

From benches and picnic tables to litter receptacles, bike racks and more, Paris Site Furnishings harness the strength and durability of steel to make outdoor site furnishings that last. Contact Paris Site Furnishings today to find quality products that will create lasting impressions for years to come.

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