Social Impact Of Site Furnishings

Is the art of social interaction on the decline in our modern world? Our interconnectedness through technology and social media promotes the false notion that we are closer than ever. But as modern life marches on and technology becomes more integrated into our lives, our face to face relationships suffer.


How we furnish our parks and green spaces can have a huge impact on our social landscape. Site furnishings not only make us physically more comfortable, but when designed and used well, they create dynamic spaces that facilitate social interaction between people.


Site furnishings are esthetically pleasing and help create order and practicality. Bike racks encourage a healthier life style and provide a safe place for bikes to be locked up. Litter receptacles encourage keeping our green spaces clean and caring about our environmental impact. Benches, outdoor tables and seating areas create places for people to gather, spend time and socialize.


Let’s say two moms come to a park with their children. They both sit down on the same bench to sip their coffee and watch their children play. The close proximity leads them to strike up a casual conversation to pass the time. Even though they are complete strangers to each other, the park bench facilitates social interaction.


Outdoor site furnishings create a sense of community, practicality, and allow us to feel like our world is just that little bit smaller. They provide a gathering place for friends, family and sometimes even strangers, and they allow us to use our outdoor spaces in a way that connects us. For more information on how to create lasting impressions in your community, contact Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness today.

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