Clean Up And Have Fun With Creature Cans

One of the most admirable qualities children possess is their longing to do good in our world. At such a young and impressionable age, teaching them about their affect on the environment and how they can positively impact their world is key to a clean and healthy future.


At Paris Site Furnishings, we want to tap into ‘kid power’ and teach our next generation the importance of keeping our parks and green spaces clean. With over Six billion people living on earth, the amount of waste created continues to increase. As more and more people flock to community parks and outdoor spaces, it takes increasing effort to keep those spaces clean from litter.


Enter Creature Cans...At Paris Site Furnishings, we wanted to find a way to make clean up fun for kids. Creature Cans are more than just your typical litter receptacles. They are steel cans that hold 34 gallons, but are designed to look like different exciting creatures. Our Octopus, spider, frog and beaver Creature Cans are brightly coloured and fun to use.


Kids can “feed” the Creature Cans their garbage, and make a game out of throwing their trash away, learning first hand the importance of keeping our environment clean. If we start early, we can help our kids understand that “cleaner spaces make happier faces,” and ensure a clean planet for generations to come.


For more information on how you can join us and start ‘saving the planet’ one piece of trash at a time, contact Paris Site Furnishings today.


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