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Previously known as Paris Equipment Manufacturing, Paris Playground, Belair Recreation, and Rampart Skate Park Systems; Paris has grown significantly over the years and evolved into the successful business it is today.

Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness is committed to Creating Lasting Impressions with our complete line of site furnishings - benches, trash containers, bike racks, sports field equipment, planters, shade furnishings and more – to make your park memorable. We know that community parks are more than just green spaces; they are where memories are made. They are about community barbecues and picnics; safe and healthy gathering spaces for families in your community. Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness strives on providing safe, durable furnishings and amenities to make any park memorable.

Building a reputation on excellence, Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness takes pride in serving communities both in Canada and the United States, knowing that all site furnishings that are manufactured will be held accountable to the highest standards and quality control procedures. Our large selection of benches, bollards, recycling receptacles, trash containers, picnic tables and other site furnishings are a perfect fit for any school institution, green space, and business parks. At Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness not only do we have a large variety of popular furnishings, and a strong background of designing and producing custom products.

No matter what the site location may be, Paris Site Furnishings and Outdoor Fitness will help you create a lasting impression within your community.

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